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Sheep Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How does the new ticketed event work?

  • We’re excited to announce the 2022 event will be IN PERSON, Saturday, February 12, 2022 in the Grand Ballroom of the Salt Palace. Due to new restrictions related to the Salt Palace, COVID, etc, the event will be a ticketed event with only 1750 tickets sold. Tickets will be $100 and are included with an attending Sheep Camp membership.

Can I get a ticket the day of the event? What if you sell out?

  • Maybe, but with only 1750 tickets available, we are predicting they will go fast. Once we sell out, there will be no additional tickets sold. If tickets are still available when the Hunt Expo begins, we will sell them at our booth, then the door the day of the event. Both will be first come, first serve. We will announce tickets remaining on the website to try to keep people up to date. You will only be able to attend in person with a ticket. We HIGHLY recommend if you plan on attending to buy your ticket ASAP. There will be no exceptions as we are limited to the total number of people that can be in the Grand Ballroom.

Can I bring my spouse and/or kids?

  • Yes, but because of the limited number of people allowed in for the event, every person will need to have a ticket. This actually falls in line with all other Western Hunting & Conservation (Hunt Expo) events. Auctions, dinners/entertainment, etc. are all ticketed events. We realize this might be a little inconvenient but this is actually in the best interest of the hunters/attendees. By charging for each entrant we’re able to give away more sheep hunts. We’re literally taking the fees from these tickets and giving away FOUR sheep hunts and THIRTEEN total! We will have additional LIMITED prizes that entrants under the age of 18 will be eligible for.

Where will I pick up my event ticket and/or sheep tickets?

  • Your Sheep Camp admission ticket will be combined with any other Hunt Expo badges/event tickets and available for pick up in Room 150-A at the Salt Palace Convention Center during the show. You will be able to pick up your Sheep Drawing tickets at the Sheep Camp exhibit booth (#2044) inside the exhibit hall OR the day of the event inside the Grand Ballroom. Sheep Drawing tickets CAN NOT be picked up in Room 150-A with your admission ticket. Please keep in mind these are separate tickets. You must show your Sheep Camp admission ticket at the Sheep Camp booth in order to pick up your Sheep Drawing tickets. You must also show your Sheep Camp admission ticket to enter the Grand Ballroom where the Sheep Camp event and Sheep Drawings will take place. If you don’t pick up your Sheep Drawing tickets at our exhibit booth, you can pick them up inside the Grand Ballroom the day of the event. In summary, pick up Sheep Camp Admission Tickets in Room 150-A, and pick up your Sheep Drawing Tickets either in the exhibit hall booth #2044 OR in the Grand Ballroom after you enter the event.

What’s the difference between Limited Event hunts vs Limited Restricted hunts?

  • Both sets of hunts require you to be in attendance to win. Both are limited to 5 total for each type, per person. Limited Event tickets (5) will be given to you when you check in with your Event Ticket inside the Grand Ballroom or booth. They’re the new 4 sheep hunts (1 per species) we will be giving away for attending the event. Limited Restricted tickets are set aside for those who have never killed a sheep, never killed a Dall and/or never killed a Fannin/Stone. You can only purchase 5 of these tickets for $100 per person.

What are Unlimited hunts?

  • Unlimited hunts offer no restrictions on the number of tickets sold. Two (2) of the Sheep hunts will required you to be present to win. Four (4) Sheep hunts will NOT require you to be present to win. Of these 4 hunts, like in years past, we will give away 1 Sheep of each species of the Full Curl.